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green-coffee-bean-extract-weight-lossGreen Coffee Bean Max contains 50% chlorogenic acids that contribute to the increase in weight loss. Although there is a need for further research, Green Coffee Bean Max helps hinder fat absorption. Chlorogenic acids help rid the body of oxygen free radicals, they help to lower blood pressure and help to lower insulin levels and blood glucose levels in diabetics. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
Green Coffee Bean Max weight loss product contains 800 mg. of green coffee bean extract that aids in the increase of fat oxidation. It is natural and contains no additives. It is not intended to treat or cure disease, but it does, according to scientific research, help hinder fat accumulation.

Green_Coffee_Bean_Max_Free_BonusAlong with a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise, Green Coffee Bean Max works to aid in weight loss. With the presence of chlorogenic acids found in 100% green coffee bean extract, it contains anti-oxidants to fight off disease, it helps to lower blood pressure, it helps to decrease inflammation in the joints and aids in lowering glucose and insulin levels. There were no side effects caused by green coffee beans upon completion of scientific studies in Japan.

Green coffee beans are low in caffeine so aren’t a stimulant like roasted coffee beans. Because green coffee beans are raw, not roasted, they contain anti-oxidants and other health benefits that roasted coffee beans do not contain. The main healthy ingredient in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid. It is the presence of chlorogenic acid in the green coffee bean that helps people to lose weight, lower blood pressure and enjoy other important health benefits.

Many people are curious about whether green coffee beans really work as dietary supplement because of the attention it is getting on television and the internet. Do they really work to hinder fat absorption? What are the ingredients in Green Coffee Bean Max?

The increase in studies done on green coffee beans show that they contain anti-oxidants that help rid the body of oxygen free radicals, thus increasing the bodies ability to fight disease. They contain polyphenols that are not present in roasted coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are beneficial for helping to lower glucose levels in those who have diabetes. In studies performed at Helwan University in Egypt, the presence of chlorogenic acid helped to transport glucose in the body. It also lowered insulin levels in diabetic rats.

Green coffee bean extract is effective as a weight loss supplement. It promotes weight loss by decreasing fat accumulation according to recent studies. The presence of chlorogenic acid had a positive effect in mice and human beings in regards to weight loss. This study was done by the Oryza Oil and Fat Chemical Company in Japan.

Green coffee beans also contribute to lowering the blood pressure. There were no dangerous side effects noted during a study done by the Kao Corporation in Tokyo. Researchers found that the higher the amount of green coffee extract, the better the results. It proved to help those with mild hypertension. Another study showed that it improved circulation.

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Polyphenols contain chlorogenic acids. Chlorogenic acids have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that offer positive health benefits. The boiling process of roasted coffee beans destroy as much as 90% of the chlorogenic acids that help to decrease fat accumulation. Many of the chlorogenic acids that help to promote good health are diminished during the roasting process.

The green coffee bean comes from two different types of plants- the robusta and the arabica. The robusta coffee bean contains fewer chlorogenic acids than the arabica. They both contribute to the anti-oxidant effects that promote healthy living, although the content of chlorogenic acids levels found in the arabica coffee bean plant are higher.