Green coffee beans are the un-roasted beans that are used to make coffee. green-coffee-extract-weight-loss-trialA Pure Green Coffee extract using 100% Natural Green Beans (the active ingredients in the green, untreated beans) has been receiving a lot of attention lately as a potential weight loss supplement. Green coffee bean with leafSince this amazing product was featured on the Dr. Oz show in 2012, the popularity of this supplement has skyrocketed. But what exactly does it do, and how does it work? What makes it different from other supplements, and what makes more effective than other weight-loss supplements?

Caffeine, one of the active ingredients in coffee and tea, is already well-known as a popular and reasonably safe stimulant for healthy people. However, un-roasted beans contain something called chlorogenic acid, which may be why coffee has been shown to have some effect on weight loss. According to Dr. Oz, chlorogenic acid works by inhibiting an enzyme that promotes glucose production in the liver. By reducing the amount of glucose produced in the liver, a person can reduce their chances of developing disorders like diabetes or insulin resistance. The extract’s effect on blood sugar and glucose production means that it can help prevent the mood swings, headaches, and ‘sugar crashes’ that accompany a sudden change in blood sugar levels. Coupled with the effects that caffeine can have on metabolism, this extract could do quite a lot for those looking to eliminate body fat.

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4 Month Supply + 4 Months FREE!
4 Month Supply + 4 Months FREE!
FREE SHIPPING on our Best Value offer! Approximately 8 months supply with this offer. Ideal for a couple or two people looking to lose weight. Buy 4 bottles of Pure Green Coffee Extract and receive 4 bottles FREE! Each bottle contains 60 x 800mg capsules.
3 Month Supply + 3 Months FREE
3 Month Supply + 3 Months FREE
FREE SHIPPING on our most popular offer! Buy 3 bottles of Pure Green Coffee Extract and receive 3 bottles FREE! Each bottle contains 60 x 800mg capsules. This product is 100% natural, Approximately 6 months supply. No Additives, No Preservatives.
2 Month Supply + 1 Month FREE
2 Month Supply + 1 Month FREE
FREE SHIPPING within Australia and now Worldwide! Buy 2 bottles of Green Coffee Extract and receive a 3rd bottle FREE! 180 x 800mg capsules = approximately 3 months supply. This product is 100% natural. No Additives, No Preservatives.

Chlorogenic Acid

Green Coffee Beans are unroasted coffee beans. Roasting Coffee Beans at 475 degrees gives the beans their brown colour, aroma and flavour. However it destroys a special component called chlorogenic acid which is contained in the natural Green Coffee Bean. Chlorogenic acid is an active weight loss ingredient that cannot be found in your normal everyday drinking coffee beans, because they have been processed.
Chlorogenic acid is the component that does 3 key things:

  • Causes the body to burn glucose and sugar, and therefore burn fat
  • Slows the release of sugar into the blood stream. (When you have sugar in the blood stream, you don’t have fat because sugar turns to fat.)
  • Combined together you get a synergistic effect that burns, blocks and stops fat, but it is also completely and naturally safe.

Supplement Comparisons

Green Coffee Beans Product Comparison Green Coffee Extractgreen_coffee_bean_extract 250 Green Coffee GCB Maxgcb-max Green Coffee Bean Maxgreen-coffee-bean-max 2 Green Coffee Bean 8000Green Coffee Extract 8000
Capsules per Bottle 60 60 60 30
Capsule Strength 800mg 800mg 400mg 500mg
Packages 1 Month – 8 Months 1 Month – 7 Months 1 Month – 6 Months 1 Month – 6 Months
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$218.90 for 6 months(Per Bottle $36.48)
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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Information

green_coffee_beansFor overweight adults without any other medical issues aside from their weight, the extract can help accelerate weight loss. Dr. Oz cites a twelve-week study found in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity from 2012. In this study, participants who were given the supplement lost an average of about eighteen pounds. In Dr. Oz’s own study, one hundred overweight but otherwise healthy women were enlisted to participate. Those on the actual supplement as opposed to the placebo lost two pounds in two weeks, while the placebo group lost, on average, one pound in that same period of time.

Green Coffee Bean resultsAccording to Dr. Oz, brewed coffee does not provide the same benefits as the un-roasted beans. The roasting process that produces the coffee beans we typically use removes much of the chlorogenic acid. For the best results, extract is recommended. If you’re looking to purchase pure green coffee bean extract as part of your weight-loss plan, then Dr. Oz recommends looking for supplements that have at least 45% chlorogenic acid in them. Anything less will not produce the effects that this natural extract is known for. You should also check to make sure that there are no additives or chemicals in the supplement you choose to buy, as this could have an effect on how well the supplement works for you. The recommended amount to take each day is 400mg, half an hour before you eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

As with any supplement, there can be side effects with green coffee bean extract. Since there is caffeine in the extract, the side effects can be similar to those some people experience when drinking too much coffee or tea. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and general stomach upset can occur if too much extract is consumed, as well as insomnia and restlessness. Some people may experience headaches or an elevated heart rate. People who are prone to anxiety may notice that these feelings are increased if they consume too many green coffee beans in extract or supplement form.

While most adults who are in good health can safely use green coffee beans, there are some people who shouldn’t take green coffee beans. The supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and its effects have not been studied on children. Also, anyone who is allergic to caffeine or is sensitive to it should not take this supplement. Older people may want to avoid the extract if they are concerned about their bone health, as caffeine can leach calcium from the bones. If they still want to use green coffee beans, then it’s recommended that they supplement their diet with additional calcium.

You may be able to use pure green coffee bean extract without exercise and still see a reduction in body fat and overall weight. Of course, the supplement is not a substitute for an active lifestyle and a balanced diet, and will work best when it’s combined with healthy choices. So if you’re looking to enhance your weight loss and get rid of stubborn fat, green coffee bean extract might be worth trying. Check out our page on FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) for more important information.

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Product Reviews & Ratings

green_coffee_bean_extract 250


This is the top rated Green Coffee Beans product for several reasons. 800mg dosage per capsule as opposed to 400mgs with Green Coffee Bean Max. That means for a similar price you are receiving double the value. 100% natural ingredients, produced in an FDA approved facility. You can receive up to 4 months FREE product, which is massive!

We know that this Extract product works – check out our Green Coffee weight loss study which is on this site. I have consistently dropped weight each week and so far have lost over 6kgs. You also receive FREE SHIPPING! Read more about this top rated product…

green-coffee-bean-max 2


Some great bonuses and the pricing is extremely competitive. You receive 3 months Free when you order 3 months supply, so excellent value for money. Shipping is extra but the main issue is a 400mg dosage which is half the amount of some of the main competition. Also, be careful what extras you sign up for. There is a 90 day refund guarantee on unused product.

In addition there are 3 terrific weight loss bonus products to assist you in losing weight.



GCB Max is a name rip-off of Green Coffee Bean Max. However, the product has a superior 800mg dosage, which is twice the amount of it’s similarly named competitor. The pricing is a little more expensive but shipping is cheaper and there is a 60 day refund on unused product.

The product is 100% natural but falls short in all departments to the top rated product.

Green Coffee Extract 8000


The reviewed pricing and details of this product are from the main Australian website, but I have also seen some other pricing out there. Overall the 8000 deserves a two star rating at best. It is not part of any dodgy free online trial offers and is a genuine product.

The 8000 is 100% natural and is an 500mg dosage but the top 2 rated products are 800mgs per capsule. There are 30 capsules in a container as opposed to 60 from the other 3 products, and it is the most expensive product reviewed! Unfortunately No Free product incentive, NO money back guarantees and you also pay for shipping.


Using Colon Cleanse Supplements in your Diet Program


Why do a Colon Cleanse?

To help kick start your weight loss program you may consider using a natural colon cleanse supplement. Colon and Large IntestineColon cleanse products help your body by helping to clean out a build up of toxins which may have accumulated over the course of your life.

The build up of the toxins occurs in the large intestine. The only way to get rid of this harmful build up is by expelling the toxins through the body, which is where a colon cleanse supplement greatly assists you. This is a natural and healthy way to cleanse your body with. When combines with a weight loss supplement, regular exercise and healthy eating you can expect very good results. The combination of the these will leave you with more energy and feeling much more comfortable.

Toxic Build Up & Side Effects

Green Coffee Beans Reviews and BenefitsHarmful toxins can cause headaches, fatigue, low energy and weight gain.We have one on offer which has proven to be very popular. By cleaning out your digestive system you will automatically lose weight and feel better in the process. Combined with our weight loss supplements this is a very powerful combination.


Colon Cleanse Product Offers

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 3 Months Supply + 3 Months Colon Cleanse FREE
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 3 Months Supply + 3 Months Colon Cleanse FREE
FREE SHIPPING on this popular offer and enough product to get you through 3 months of your program! Buy 3 bottles of Extract and we will supply you with an extra 3 bottles of Colon Cleanse FREE! Each bottle contains 60 capsules. Approximately 3 months supply. No Additives or Preservatives.
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 2 Months Supply + 1 Month Colon Cleanse FREE
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 2 Months Supply + 1 Month Colon Cleanse FREE
FREE SHIPPING. When you Buy 2 bottles of Extract and we supply you with 1 bottle Colon Cleanse FREE! Each bottle contains 60 capsules. 100% Natural with No Additives or Preservatives.
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 1 x Month Supply & 1 x Month Colon Cleanse
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 1 x Month Supply & 1 x Month Colon Cleanse
When you Buy 1 bottle of Extract and 1 bottle Colon Cleanse. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. 100% Natural with No Additives or Preservatives. Original price $130.00

An Unlikely Weight Loss Hero

This natural extract seems like an unlikely hero for weight loss. Coffee is usually associated with a number of factors, but not losing your wight. However, there is a difference between green coffee beans and the dark roasted coffee we typically use.One of the most important things that we have as human beings is our health, so much so that if we don’t take proper care of ourselves, there are repercussions that will arise out of it. One of the easiest methods of maintaining good health is by controlling our weight and the foods that we eat.When we control our weight we feel more energetic, we maintain improved sleep patterns, where insomnia (if it was ever a problem) will no longer be a concern. We can also expect to pay less visits to the doctor, which will be a welcome relief to our budget. Our friends and family will be offering us more compliments than we know what to do with, not to mention the fact that our heart will thank us for it.

Choosing the Right Diet for You

green-coffee-bean-extract-girlBefore starting down the road to any diet, you should always check with your doctor, for the simple reason that your health needs to be able to withstand any changes that you make. Dieters no longer need to accept the first thing that they put their hands on. They now have access to this amazing extract, which has proven that it can give the results that are expected. As someone who intends to improve their health through weight loss, you will clearly be considering your options. You can start by evaluating the benefits you should be getting from green coffee extract and by not setting goals that you will not be able to reach. Once you have satisfied your requirements, you will need to follow through and wait for the results.

What’s in Pure Green Coffee Extract?

An important factor for anything you decide to add to your diet, including supplements, is to have some idea what the ingredients are. Because of the fact that coffee is created from the coffee bean, you might think that caffeine is the most important active ingredient, but the fact that the green beans from coffee only have about 23 mgs of caffeine, instead of the average 100mg in a regular cup of coffee, the difference should be clear. One of the active ingredients in the green coffee extract is going to be chlorogenic acid which actually works by releasing glucose into the body, which in turn boosts the metabolism as it works to burn off unwanted pounds. The supplement also has Theophylline, not to mention about 10% of proteins which strengthens the body as it proceeds to lose weight.

The main benefits of Green Coffee Extract:

Although most people turn to green coffee bean extract to help them Lose weight, there are several other benefits to using this product.

  • It has been suggested by some users that this diet supplement not only helps lose weight,
  • It has also been associated with lower blood sugar,
  • Improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels,
  • Working towards a healthier heart,
  • Detoxification of the liver,
  • Also an excellent source for energy
  • And let’s not forget that it is also said to lower the risk of diabetes.

As you can see, green coffee extract is a whole lot more than just a healthy diet, there so many other benefits that it is difficult to see why anyone would choose anything else to help them with their dieting needs, especially with green coffee extract available to them.

What are the possible side effects?

Regardless of whether it is something that we eat, drink, or a medication that we have been prescribed, chances are that we will have to deal with some sort of side effect, some that may change whether we continue on the path we are taking. It is not often that you come across something with little or no effects, however, with the extract there has been no reported side effects, which makes this an ideal choice for anyone attempting to lose a few pounds. Although green coffee extract has small quantities of caffeine, even that will hardly affect anyone with the inability to take in too much coffee.

A word of caution for pregnant women, people with heart conditions  and also people with ongoing health problems. Please always consult a doctor first before using this green coffee bean weight loss product. If you have any medical or health queries regarding taking this type of product please direct them towards a medical professional.

Dosage and other important information;

Taking too much of something, whether it is food or prescription medications can have adverse results on the person making the changes. Like anything else, abuse of a product has never been advisable, so when it comes to this type of supplement, it stands to reason that we would be prepared to follow the suggested dosage. We need to make certain that, as far as dosages are concerned, whatever we choose to ingest , it needs to be done in a manner that will be in keeping with a healthy future. The basic recommended dosage of green coffee bean extract is to take one capsule three times a day. The capsules contain 800 mg and need to be taken about 30 minutes before your meals, two times a day.